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Delaware Water Gap Road Ride

One of the nicest areas to ride in New Jersey. The Delaware Water Gap is on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania where the Delaware River cuts through the Appalachian Mountains. This area was formed 500 million years ago, which is now a National Park area. Riding through this area brings you back in time during the colonial era when this land was being explored by the colonists.

The ride starts from the Kittatinny Point Visitor Center parking lot traveling North and following the Delaware River throughthe Worthington State Forest (which covers 6,660 acres) on Old Mine Road. This parking lot can get full so its

recommend getting there early.

Old Mine Road is said to be one of the oldest roads continuously used in the United States of America. It’s believed that Old Mine Road was constructed by Dutch settlers to transport copper and slate from nearby mines and was originally a Native American trail that saw use by fur traders. The forest in this area are comprised of Oaks, Hickories, Maples, Ash, Elm, Cherry, Walnut, and Birch.

The halfway point brings you to Milford, a town founded in 1796 after the American Revolutionary War and has a large number of buildings of historical significance, many constructed in the nineteenth century and early twentieth centuries. This is a great halfway stop to grab a coffee and a snack at Sparkomatic Café and Talkhouse.

From here you will loop back South on Water street and have a gradual climb

of 5 miles up the ridge. The terrain going back is more undulating so plan ahead. Around mile 54 you will descend the ridge toward Bushkill, PA and transition down towards the Delaware River where you will be riding under a canopy of trees and experience the beauty of the area.

You finalize the ride by riding over the Delaware Water Gap bridge with sharp views of the Water Gap.

For those who prefer to do a shorter version of this ride, you can cross the Delaware River at Digmans Ferry Bridge at mile 26.5. Digmans Ferry Bridge is the last privately owned toll bridge on the Delaware River and one of the few remaining in the country. This will shorten the route to a 50 mile loop.

GPS Route:

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